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              Supporting the continuance in setting standards of best practice for interior design and the design industry

              The Councils are a pioneering system developed between SBID; a specific industry sector and a professional interior design body. Each Council provides an independent specialist area of design knowledge through an in-depth external resource. The councils consist of experts in their field, each passionate to lead the way for their profession whilst linking their expertise through the benefits new design ideas create.

              To find out more about an individual council or get involved contact us or log into the SBID Professional portal, SBIDPro.

              Taipei Base Design Center, Dou Dou Education Center public space design project images for SBID interior design blog, Project of the Week

              Education Council

              The Education Design Council seeks to put effective design at the core of the learning process to show how evidence-based interior design decisions can transform learning experiences.
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              Construction Council

              Construction Council

              Some of the UK’s most highly regarded contractors and professions collate highly regarded industry experts to provide their valuable advice and guidance to interior designers, preventing error in procurement and planning.
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              Healthcare panel

              Healthcare Council

              Experts from across the healthcare industry collaborate on research and changes to the future of the healthcare environment to assist designers when creating hospitals, homes and products for assisted use.

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              Colour Council

              The science of colour and how it influences the way people react to it has a major impact on the success of a project’s outcome. Here we research and review human behaviour patterns, colour saturation for durability and market forces.

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