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              SBID Accredited CPD

              The SBID ACCREDITED CPD PROGRAMME ??copyright and trademark protected in 2012?

              Being SBID Accredited ? demonstrates to clients and peers within the industry that members have been recognised by a professional body for pioneering interior design standards of practice adopted in the UK*

              Our members are continually developing their skillsets for the benefit of their clients, as well as their career. No matter the level of accreditation, SBID provides a range of opportunities to assist in the Continued Professional Development of our members.

              *SBID pioneered continued professional learning and training plus work experience in the UK as an entry condition of membership [categories apply] and further endorsed the principle, measuring the validity of education offered. In 2012 the CPD programme was registered to validate and license a CPD provider as fit-for-purpose to meet the standard required for SBID membership. The independent Accredited CPD Program???was later incorporated into SBID.

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              Pioneering Accredited CPD for Interior Design

              SBID launched the first independently accredited CPD programme specifically for interior designers in 2012.* As a programme of education specifically for professional interior designers in practice, it supports the interior design profession by helping designers remain knowledgeable and remain relevant to ever changing market forces.

              As the interior design professional’s lifelong learning path has evolved, we have also changed the ways in which we provide relevant interior design CPD ? education programmes, reflecting the way designers work. In 2020, SBID will provide online training courses from independent providers.

              *SBID (CPD FOR DESIGN) LTD

              The importance of SBID Accredited CPD ?

              An SBID Accredited CPD ? meets an exacting standard of education quality control and relevance to the UK interior design industry. It has gained its status in leadership from the licensed brand providers and the Interior Designers and Architects they present to. CPD attendees consist of Architects and Interior Designers at all stages of their career.

              SBID Accredited Designers acquire 24 CPD points per annum from an array of SBID recognised providers, each of which met the five-point entry system, the SBID International Code of Conduct and independent education assessment. Once approved, CPD applicants are awarded a two-year license.

              We provide CPD endorsement through our accreditation to other organisations such as the Stone Federation and recognise alternative CPD providers through professional organisations for SBID Accredited members; Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT).


              CPD Accredited courses are located in the Directory on SBIDPro.

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