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              SBID Annual Reports

              We aim to be transparent in everything we do. Our Annual Reports provide insight into the future direction of the organisation, as well as our recent achievements.

              You can read and download our Annual reports below:

              , Annual Reports

              SBID Annual Report 2020?

              Previous Reports

              Annual Report 2018-19 Cover

              SBID Annual Report 2018/19?

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              , Annual Reports

              SBID Annual Report 2017?

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              Annual report 2016 for the business development of SBID and the impact on the profession of interior design

              SBID Annual Report 2016?

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              Annual Report 2015

              SBID Annual Report 2015?

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              Annual Report 2014

              SBID Annual Report 2014?

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              Annual Report 2013

              SBID Annual Report 2013?

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              Annual Report 2012

              SBID Annual Report 2012?

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              Annual Report 2011

              SBID Annual Report 2011?

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              Annual Report 2010

              SBID Annual Report 2010?

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              The SBID champion best practice and knowledge sharing in the profession of interior design by creating routes to market in the industry for all design professionals.?

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              , Annual Reports

              SBID Board & Directors

              Collectively we have the experience, ability and tenacity to create a valued industry voice locally, nationally and around the world.

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              SBID Partnerships

              On behalf of its members, the SBID has protected, promoted and celebrated the interior design profession.

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